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Infrared Sauna & Salty Room


Course of 6 hours £200 ( valid 12 months )


Before using our infrared sauna & salty room for the first time please spend few minutes on reading this guide .

•The room is based in the basement of the salon . Due to stairs / no lift , please note that we can't offer wheelchair / pram access .

•For the hygiene reasons please wear flip flops or socks only when in the salty room.

•Whenever possible keep liquids outside the room as we need to control the humidity level in this room to avoid condensation which damages the salt.

•Our toilet and shower room are located on the ground floor ,

You can find it on the left side from the reception . You are more then welcome to use it , however we would like to inform You that it is not recommended to have a shower after salt therapy as You will miss the full benefits of it .

In order to fully benefit from the salt room session, it’s important to let any micro-particles of salt remain on your skin. Remember, salt therapy not only improves your respiratory system and internal organs, but also your skin, through contact with the salt-rich air. Simply put, it’s better to shower before coming for you session , but no after .

•An infrared sauna is a wooden box equipped with infrared heaters that are designed to detoxify and heal the body, boost mood, and more. "Traditional saunas use steam or dry heat to heat the room and your body. An infrared sauna uses infrared radiation to heat the room.

•Unlike traditional (hot rock or steam) saunas - which operate at well in excess of 93°C , infrared heat has the benefit of being effective at a more comfortable operating temperature which is why it’s less likely to interfere with breathing and more likely to be manageable for an entire 60-minute session’s duration.

•Because infrared heat penetrates human tissue versus simply heating the surface of the skin, infrared saunas are more effective than traditional saunas at detoxifying the body.


Why Infrared Sauna ?

- improves skin tone 

- flushes out toxins

- weight loss

- increases metabolism

- improves cardiovascular function

- pain relief

- wound healing

- boosts circulation

- fights chronic fatigue

- reduces blood pressure

- better sleep / relaxation

- relief from joint pain such as arthritis

- clear , tighter , younger skin

- exercise recovery

- lowers inflammation

- more sweating al lower temperature         

boosts immune system

- reduces stress

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