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Therapy Rooms for hire

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Are you a therapist passionate about promoting wellbeing and holistic healing? Look no further – our spa is the perfect place for you to practice your craft and connect with like-minded individuals. We’re currently offering two stunning therapy rooms for rent, each meticulously designed to create a serene and welcoming environment for your clients. Contact us today to schedule a viewing - Let’s co-create a space where healing thrives and wellbeing flourishes!

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Experience the perfect setting for your therapeutic practice with our Therapy Room rental offer.

Our spacious room features:

•Stationary Massage/Spa Bed: Designed for comfort and support, our comfy massage bed ensures your clients can fully relax during their sessions.

•Cosy Sofa: Create a welcoming atmosphere with a comfortable sofa, ideal for consultations or relaxation before and after treatments.

•Good Room Size: Enjoy ample space to accommodate your clients comfortably and facilitate movement during sessions. •Colour-changing Ceiling Light: Set the mood and enhance the ambiance with colour-changing ceiling lights, creating a serene and calming environment.

•Trolley: Conveniently store and access your tools and accessories with a dedicated trolley, keeping everything organized and within reach.

•Window: Allow natural light to fill the room and create a sense of openness and tranquility

•Central Heating: Maintain a cozy temperature year-round with central heating, ensuring comfort for you and your clients regardless of the weather.

•Cabinets for Accessories: Keep your space tidy and clutter-free with ample cabinet storage for accessories and supplies.


£40/ 1 day a week

£100/ 3 days a week


Discover the perfect space for your therapy practice with our exclusive room rental offer.

Our sun-drenched room boasts:

•Two Large Windows: Bask in natural sunlight and enjoy views of our lush garden, creating a peaceful atmosphere for both you and your clients.

•Treatment Adjustable Bed: Ensure optimal comfort and support during sessions with our adjustable treatment bed, tailored to accommodate various therapeutic modalities.

•Therapist Stool: Stay comfortable and focused throughout your sessions with a dedicated therapist stool designed for ergonomic support.

•Display Cabinet for Products: Showcase your curated selection of products with pride in our display cabinet, adding a touch of sophistication to your space.

•Trolley with Wheels: Stay organized and efficient with a mobile trolley equipped with wheels, allowing easy access to your treatment products and supplies during sessions.

•Desk and Two Chairs: Create a functional workspace for consultations and administrative tasks with a spacious desk and two comfortable chairs, perfect for client meetings or paperwork.

•Central Heating: Ensure a cozy and comfortable environment year-round with central heating, maintaining an optimal temperature for both you and your clients.

•High Gloss Cabinet with Drawers: Store your essentials in style with a sleek high gloss cabinet featuring ample drawers for storage and organization.

£40/ 1 day a week

£100/ 3 days a week

Elevate your group therapy sessions with our Salty Room rental offer. Create a serene space for your clients to unwind

and connect in total tranquility.

Our warm, salt-infused atmosphere, sensory lighting, and soundproofing provide the perfect backdrop for meditation, yoga, breathwork, and spiritual talks.

Book now and elevate your therapy sessions to new heights of relaxation and healing.

Monday -Friday 10:00-18:00

£30 for first hour

£20 per subsequent hour

Monday-Friday 18:00-21:00 

Saturday 10:00-16:00

£40 for first hour

£50 per subsequent hour

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